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“Untitled 1986” better known as “The Shark House”

Haiti Gallery. Headington Shark [2].

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 Headington Shark


When I first started work on the Headington shark sculpture, the seed of  an idea came from sketches I had made while walking South on the coast road through Egypt to the Sudan. On my right- hand side mountains of black rock’s inhospitable landscape OF the Eastern Saharan Desert. On my left the Red Sea, the most amazing soup of every kind and colour of life forms imaginable, multi- coloured parrot fish, manta rays like great birds swimming in the depths and sharks, tigers, hammerheads, barracudas dominated these waters. Swimming in these waters was more a sense of fear from below than a refreshing, relaxation. Splash.


Some of the sketches I drew at this time were of sharks leaving the watery depths and cruising the landscape like predatory missiles.


Back in Oxford Spring 1986 planes were taking off from Upper Heyford dropping their load from the clear blue sky on Libya.

Our fears and vulnerabilities come this time from above.


Early Saturday morning on the 41st anniversary of the dropping of the Atom Bomb on Nagasaki at 2 New High Street in the suburb of Headington , Oxford, “Untitled 1986”, better known as The Shark House was launched; Mixed Media, Brick, slates, wood, metal, polyester resin, glass, plaster, oil paint, lace curtaining and window boxes…….

  Headington Shark, Oxford